Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects is one of five Finalists in the “Port Authority Bus Terminal International Design + Deliverability Competition.”

Time Square West

A dynamic new neighborhood linking Times Square and Hudson Yards

The Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects and BuroHappold Engineering team have joined forces to present their vision for a new Transit Center and West Side district: Times Square West. The new district will link the emerging Hudson Yards neighborhood with the iconic destination of Times Square, unifying Manhattan’s West Side and reinforcing its status as one of the world’s great commercial, residential, and entertainment centers. Their visionary design includes a state-of-the-art Transit Center at the heart of a master plan that creates unprecedented development opportunities on Port Authority property, while respecting and enhancing the unique character of its neighborhood.

  • A Compact and Highly Efficient Transit Center. The Transit Center is twice as efficient and 25% smaller than the existing terminal. Its scalable design, allows adding capacity without expanding horizontally.
  • Enhanced Local Retail and Vibrant Street Life. The new Transit Center and master plan restores city blocks currently occupied by existing infrastructure, reduces bus traffic, and creates street-level storefronts for local businesses.
  • Covered Tunnel Approaches. Located between 9th and 10th Avenues and 38th and 40th Streets, the new Transit Center eliminates existing access ramps and returns the blocks they inhabit to the neighborhood.
  • Reduced Traffic Congestion. By locating the new Transit Center at the entrance to the Lincoln Tunnel, buses will no longer need to use city streets.
  • Exclusive Use of Port Authority Property. The new terminal uses only property owned by the Port Authority. All new development envisioned by the master plan occurs on property created by the demolition of the existing terminal, its access ramps, and property already controlled by the Port Authority.
  • Self-financed. The new Transit Center can be fully financed by the development of existing Port Authority Property.

Team For the PABT International Design + Deliverability Competition: